Overview of new gTLDs in 2015

‘2015 has been an incredibility successful year for the new gTLDs’, according to a Circle ID article published on CircleID. The article notes that the new gTLD industry is evolving towards significant growth and development over the next years, and it offers some stats on how new generic top level domains performed so far:

  •  over 10 million domains have been registered in new TLDs;
  • .xyz reached 1.5 million domains; 
  • .nyc has more than 87,000 registrations, making it the largest of the geographical TLDs
  • .online became the fastest TLD to sell 100,000 domains.

The use of .brand TLDs is underlined as a significant aspect of the new digital ecosystem, with ‘some of the world’s major organisations now tuning in to the world of new TLDs’.