Over the top market to grow at high rates

The global over the top (OTT) market is estimated to grow over USD 77 billion in the next four years, from 2019 to 2023, according to a report prepared by Technavio. The OTT market is accelerated both by the increasing availability of mobile computing tools, and the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) by service providers. OTT services record the personal information of users, which helps it to personalize ads and content. Mobile devices including smartphones, laptops, and tablets have become the favourite devices for accessing audio and video content on OTT platforms. Such devices are expected to drive the growth of the OTT market in the next years because they offer portability, easier accessibility and better connectivity than traditional websites. The major five OTT companies operating in the global market are Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix and Walt Disney Co. They together offer streaming, voice, and message services.