OTT video services are about to replace TV in India

According to a report recently published by KPMG and Eros Now, over-the-top (OTT) services will be the first preference for entertainment across 16 States in India. 80% of OTT services’ subscribers stated that their entertainment needs are fulfilled by online content. Also, Indians across all age groups watch content online around 8 hours per week. 38% consider abandoning traditional mediums such as TV and 87% admitted watching online videos on their smartphones. Over all the languages, Hindi still dominates within OTT platforms. The report revealed that individuals with higher revenues are more likely to exclusively use OTT platforms. By 2023, India will have over 500 million online video subscribers, making it the largest online video market after China. The main reason for the expansion is the development of data infrastructure and digital inclusion. Over the past years, internet services have been made available in an increasing number of small cities.