Oregon governor signs net neutrality law

States in the USA continue to pass their own net neutrality rules, following the December 2017 decision of the Federal Communications Commission’s to repeal the federal rules. On 9 April, the Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a net neutrality bill that prohibits public bodies in Oregon from contracting with broadband Internet access service providers (ISPs) that engage in certain network management activities based on paid prioritisation, content blocking, or other forms of discrimination. As exceptions from this rule, public bodies can contract with an ISP if that ISP: is the only fixed provider in a certain geographic location; it engages in any of the activities described before in the process of addressing copyright infringement or other unlawful activity or the needs of emergency communications, law enforcement, public safety or national security authorities; it engages in paid prioritization if the Public Utility Commission (PUC) determines that the paid prioritisation provides significant public interest benefits; or it engages in any activities described before if the PUC determines that the engagement in the activity is a reasonable network management.