Opposition accuses government of ‘misuse’ of DSA in Bangladesh

Opposition parties in parliament have voiced criticism towards the Digital Security Act (DSA) supported by Bangladesh’s ruling party. The opposition accused the government of misusing the DSA to limit freedom of expression.

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Bangladesh’s ruling party-backed Digital Security Act (DSA) has been criticised by opposition parties in parliament. They accused the government of using the DSA to harass people and journalists, creating an atmosphere of ‘fear and panic’, and called for amending the DSA if not revoking it. Gonoforum MP Mokabbir Khan stated that DSA had been used to stifle dissidents for the past four and a half years. Khan also added that DSA had granted unbridled power to the police and that journalists’ freedom of expression has been severely derogated.

The opposition expressed their views on the DSA while discussing the passage of the ‘Agency to Innovate (A2i) Bill 2023,’ aimed at promoting innovation in the information technology sector (ICT) assist the government in implementing programs to build a knowledge-based society.