OpenAI filed a trademark application for GPT-5

OpenAI filed for ‘GPT-5’ trademark at the USPTO, aiming to cover AI-generated text, neural networks software, and services, among other.

Logo of OpenAI

OpenAI has filed a trademark application on 18 July 2023 to the US Patent Trademark Office (USPTO) for ‘GPT-5.’ Among the wide range of categories, it intends to cover computer software for AI-generated human speech and text, downloadable computer software, and programs related to language processing, generation, understanding, and analysis. Additionally, the application extends to Software for developing and implementing artificial neural networks while also providing Software as a Service (SaaS) for these functions. And while the new GPT-5 model is not yet available, the application aims to indicate the ongoing progress and development in AI technology, specifically in natural language processing and machine learning.

Why does this matter? Following OpenAI’s popularity with ChatGPT in November 2022, the rapid development of AI chatbots using ‘GPT’ in their brand name has resulted in a race of trademark applications with the USPTO. According to TechCrunch, ThreatGPT and MedicalGPT are only some of the chatbots that have applied for the trademark in recent months. And while OpenAI also submitted for a trademark with the USPTO in December 2022 for ‘GPT-4’, the application is still pending. In the meantime, the company released guidelines on adequately using the name when referring to OpenAI models to avoid confusion with end users.