OpenAI and Stack Overflow team up for better AI models

The partnership between OpenAI and Stack Overflow is revolutionising AI capabilities and providing developers with unprecedented access to technical knowledge.

Logo of OpenAI

OpenAI and developer platform Stack Overflow have joined forces in a new partnership to enhance AI capabilities and provide richer technical information. Under this collaboration, OpenAI gains access to Stack Overflow’s API and will incorporate feedback from the developer community to refine AI models. In return, Stack Overflow will receive attribution in ChatGPT, offering users access to Stack Overflow’s extensive knowledge base when seeking coding or technical advice. Both companies anticipated that this collaboration would deepen user engagement with content.

Stack Overflow plans to leverage OpenAI’s large language models to enhance Overflow AI, introduced last year as its generative AI application. Overflow AI aims to incorporate AI-powered natural language search functionality into Stack Overflow, providing users with more intuitive access to coding solutions. Stack Overflow emphasises that it will integrate feedback from its community and internal testing of OpenAI models to develop additional AI products for its user base.

The initial phase of integrations resulting from this partnership is expected to roll out in the first half of the year, although Stack Overflow has yet to specify the exact features to be released first. The collaboration follows Stack Overflow’s similar arrangement with Google in February, where Gemini for Google Cloud users could access coding suggestions directly from Stack Overflow.

Why does it matter?

For years, developers have relied on Stack Overflow for coding solutions. Still, the company faced challenges in 2022, including a significant hiring push followed by layoffs of 28% of its workforce in October of the same year. While Stack Overflow did not provide a specific reason for the layoffs, they coincided with the growing prominence of AI-assisted coding. Additionally, Stack Overflow briefly prohibited users from sharing ChatGPT responses on its platform in 2022.