OpenAI and Los Alamos collaborate on AI research

The collaboration, billed as a first of its kind, will evaluate how GPT-4o can assist with lab tasks and scientific research, including its voice assistant technology.

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OpenAI is partnering with Los Alamos National Laboratory, most famous for creating the first atomic bomb, to explore how AI can assist scientific research. The collaboration will evaluate OpenAI’s latest model, GPT-4o, in supporting lab tasks and employing its voice assistant technology to aid scientists. This new initiative is part of OpenAI’s broader efforts to showcase AI’s potential in healthcare and biotech, alongside recent partnerships with companies like Moderna and Color Health.

However, the rapid advancement of AI has sparked concerns about its potential misuse. Lawmakers and tech executives have expressed fears that AI could be used to develop bioweapons. Earlier tests by OpenAI indicated that GPT-4 posed only a slight risk of aiding in creating biological threats.

Erick LeBrun, a research scientist at Los Alamos, emphasised the importance of this partnership in understanding both the benefits and potential dangers of advanced AI. He highlighted the need for a framework to evaluate current and future AI models, particularly concerning biological threats.