NTT and Nokia to set up Thailand for Thailand 5.0

Nokia and NTT prepares Thailand to realise its goals for Thailand 5.0 with Nokia’s private cellular sn edge compute systems.

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The NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) Group of companies, in partnership with Nokia deploys Nokia’s private cellular and edge computer systems to private sector firms in Thailand. The partnership is expected to contribute to improvements in digital twins, video analytics, machine vision and IoT streams. It spans Nokia’s wireless, software and infrastructure services.

According to Nokia’s Head in Thailand and Cambodia, the program is set to propel the advancement of Industry 4.0 in the country. The company also sees the move as a shot in the arm for the government of Thailand’s digital transformation agenda, Thailand 5.0.

Why does it matter?

Thailand 5.0 demands a seamless collaboration of technologies, entrepreneurs and AI. Spearheaded by the National Board of Digital Transformation, partnering with NTT and Nokia on the venture will take the country further in achieving one of seven proposals made by the Chair of The Digital Council of Thailand (DCT) to achieve Thailand 5.0. It is expected to ‘assist Thai entrepreneurs in expanding and building the infrastructure that will drive growth’.