Norwegian Data Protection Authority imposes ban on Meta’s behavioral advertising

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority has temporarily banned Meta’s behavioral advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

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The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet) has imposed a three-month ban on Meta’s behavioral advertising on their platforms, Facebook and Instagram, in Norway unless users give their consent. Additionally, the decision addresses whether companies can use their first-party data to personalize ads without users’ consent based on the users’ personal information listed in their profiles.

If Meta fails to adhere to the ruling about data, including web browsing and location information, the company will be subjected to daily fines of approximately $100,000. While the ban is imposed on a national level, experts warn that this could have implications for other countries and businesses if adopted by the EU regulators.

Datatilsynet’s decision came after the Court of Justice of the EU ruled that Meta violated the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by collecting users’ data for behavioral advertising without their consent. Datatilsynet’s decision may encourage companies to consider alternative advertising models, such as shifting towards contextual targeting or avoiding advertising on Meta platforms altogether, to avoid potential regulatory consequences.