Nigerian information and technology regulator reveals a new digital transformation plan

The Nigerian National Information and Development Agency (NITDA) released a new plan for digital transformation in Nigeria. The plan hinges on these pillars: (a) regulation to level the playing field and removes obstacles to business; (b) capacity building to function in a knowledge-based economy; (c) government digital services to foster an interactive government by encouraging contributions from citizens; (d) delivery of service. ‘These are the seven key pillars we have been working on since 2017 and we are going to review it at the end of this year to benchmark what we have achieved and come up with a new strategy for the agency,’ said NITDA Director-General Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi. The government also seeks to promote the production of local content to support the delivery of tailor-made tech services for local needs. It further upholds digital inclusion to improve infrastructure for citizens to access e-services and promotes digital job creation and cybersecurity to protect Nigeria’s technology assets.