News media leaders advocate for fair content treatment in AI development

The open letter calls for regulations enabling collective negotiations on content use in AI models. Concerns arise over AI-generated content without proper attribution. Transparency in AI training data also a key concern.

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Prominent news media groups, like the News Media Alliance and European Publishers’ Council, have released an open statement advocating for revised regulations pertaining to copyrighted material employed by creators of AI technology. The letter proposes a structure that allows media firms to collectively negotiate terms with operators of AI models concerning the incorporation of their intellectual property.

This action is prompted by concerns that AI systems, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, disseminate content produced by generative AI without appropriately compensating or acknowledging original creators. The lack of transparency in the training data of these AI systems exacerbates the problem.

This endeavour reflects past endeavours of the news sector to establish fair partnerships with tech giants accused of profiting from news content without equitable distribution. News entities are now embarking on trials involving generative AI and striking deals with tech corporations for utilising their content in AI model training.

Why does this matter?

While AI technology garners more attention, governments are struggling to establish effective governance. The call for updated regulations on copyrighted content in AI development signifies the growing impact of AI on content creation and distribution. The difficulty in accurately attributing authorship and ownership with AI further complicates IP protection and enforcement. Ultimately, this development signifies a pivotal moment in defining how AI and media can coexist fairly and responsibly.