New version of the Global Digital Health Monitor empowers countries for data-driven decision-making

The newly launched version of the platform facilitates identifying areas requiring attention and encourages cross-country knowledge sharing.

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A new version of the Global Digital Health Monitor (GDHM) has been launched at the World Health Assembly. The updated GDHM can now track digital health progress at the country, regional, and global levels. It helps identify areas that require attention and enables cross-country learning. The monitor also assists private sector entrepreneurs and investors in making strategic decisions. New features include visualisations for year-on-year monitoring.

Over 65 countries, representing over 2.5 billion people, have participated so far in the platform. The GDHM is also being used by development agencies like The Global Fund and Gavi to inform their investments in digital health. As a valuable tool for measuring progress and prioritising investment in digital health, the platform aims to help countries promote digital health transformation and responsible AI, bridging the digital divide and achieving universal health coverage.