A new partnership with US State Department to get New Zealand’s Northland remote work ready

The US State Department and the Far North District Council in New Zealand unveiled a new partnership to fund ‘Connected Northland,’ a new program aimed at providing flexible digital training and job placement assistance to communities and individuals in the Northland Region of New Zealand. This will further promote Digital Works (DW) which is the digital workforce development program of national nonprofit Connected Nation (CN). The DW, which reached 80% placement success rate and high participant retention, aims at ensuring jobseekers are trained, mentored, and upskilled, while also being supported in job placements. ‘We learned that there is a need across all countries and cultures to work together toward digital equity and better connectivity for all people. Since that time, we have continued to share ideas and collaborate. That led us to the launch of the Connected Northland initiative. Connected Nation is excited to support this digital inclusion effort and to work together to improve lives through technology,’ said Connected Nation Executive Vice President of Development and Planning Chris Pedersen.