New OpenAI and Meta AI models close to human-like reasoning

OpenAI and Meta are reportedly on the verge of releasing new AI models that will be capable of reasoning and planning.

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Meta and OpenAI are close to unveiling advanced AI models that can reason and plan, according to a Financial Times report. OpenAI’s COO, Brad Lightcap, hinted at the upcoming release of GPT-5, which will make significant progress in solving ‘hard problems’ of reasoning.

Yann LeCun, Meta’s chief AI scientist, and Joelle Pineau, VP of AI Research, envision AI agents capable of complex, multi-stage operations. The enhanced reasoning should enable the AI models to ‘search over possible answers,’ ‘plan sequences of actions,’ and model out the outcomes and consequences before execution.

Why does it matter?

Meta is getting ready to launch Llama 3 in various model sizes optimized for different apps and devices, including WhatsApp and Ray-Ban smart glasses. OpenAI is less open about its plans for GPT-5, but Lightcap expressed optimism about the model’s potential to reason.

Getting AI models to reason and plan is a critical step towards reaching artificial general intelligence (AGI). Multiple definitions of AGI exist, but it can be simply described as a sort of AI capable of performing at or beyond human levels on a broad range of activities.

Some scientists and experts have expressed concerns about building technology that will outperform human abilities. AI godfathers Yoshua Bengio, and Geoffrey Hinton have even warned us against the threats to humanity posed by AI. Both Meta and OpenAI claim to be aiming for AGI, which could be worth trillions for the company that achieves it.