New online platform LBD makes wardrobes shareable

The Little Black Door (LBD) app was launched to digitize female wardrobes. It allows users to resale and borrow personal items online. The app uses wardrobe purchase data and leverage social sharing behaviour to more easily create a digital wardrobe. It enables the wardrobe to be connected with retail, which makes it easier to resale unwanted clothes. First, users may add items to their virtual wardrobe. The app implements image recognition AI and natural language processing to identify and categorize the items. Second, the app will also categorize items purchased through users’ emails. It means that the wardrobe can reflect data the user already has. Once the user wardrobe exists inside the app, users can have a comprehensive image of the clothes and their categories, their total spend with the items, and create look books to be shared online. Other users can borrow items or users can send clothes to resale. The app has added social features to its design to create a community-driven platform and engage users to access it daily.

The app business model is related to the transaction of women’s wardrobe data. This data will be used to create advertisers. According to TechCrunch, the LBD app has four key trends in its operational mode: (1) the rise of resale; (2) the rise in sharing wardrobe behaviour; (3) the rise of AI in e-commerce; (4) the rise of re-receipts and online sales.