New online app “Ripoti” launched to address digital rights violations in Africa

Ripoti, an app by PIN, aids in reporting and addressing digital rights violations in Africa. It offers legal aid, counseling, and digital security guidance, fostering collaboration among diverse partners to protect victims.

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An online app called Ripoti, developed by the Pan-African Organisation, Paradigm Initiative (PIN), has been launched to aid journalists and others in reporting and addressing digital rights infringements in Africa.

The application is accessible via, offers various resources, including legal assistance, counseling, mental health support, and digital security guidance, to assist victims. It was created in response to the rise in the number of digital rights violations, aiming to combat such incidents with a strategic and collective approach. The application enables listed partners to collaborate in addressing these violations collectively while also incorporating accessibility features, ensuring inclusivity for visually impaired individuals.

Ripoti collaborates with diverse organizations to protect digital rights. Partners include CSOs, lawyers, researchers, NHRI, cybersecurity experts, counselors, law enforcement, and journalists. We document and respond to violations, offering legal representation, counseling, mental health, and digital security support to victims.

Why does it matter?

In 2022, it was reported that challenges to digital rights in Africa have faced challenges, evidenced by widespread internet restrictions like shutdowns and content throttling. While there is still a need for effective legal enforcement, the launch of this application marks a significant step toward effectively safeguarding digital rights across the continent.