New ITU study estimates US$ 428 billion needed to connect remaining 3 billion people to the Internet by 2030

Connecting Humanity – Assessing investment needs of connecting humanity to the Internet by 2030 is a new report released by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) that investigates the necessary global and regional investments to achieve universal, affordable broadband connectivity for people aged 10 and above by the end of this decade. The study argues that to connect humanity to broadband Internet by 2030 around US$428 billion is required. Yet, this is an ambitious goal since it requires major infrastructure investment. ‘Meeting the investment necessary to bring every person online by the end of this decade will require an unprecedented and concerted effort from the public and private sectors. The new Connecting Humanity study led by ITU is the much-needed roadmap that will guide decision makers on the journey towards accessible, affordable, reliable, and safe digital technologies and services for all,’ noted ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao.