A new funding partnership signed to develop sub-Saharan Africa’s digital map

The Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) signed a funding partnership to support Ecopia Tech Corporation (Ecopia) develop a digital map of sub-Saharan Africa that includes an estimated 342 million buildings, 3.8 million linear kilometers of roads, and 582 million hectares of forests. “This project will not only showcase Canadian technology on the world stage, but also stands to positively impact the lives of hundreds of millions – by empowering better data-driven decisions to be made surrounding the environment, economy, and societies of Africa,” said President and Co-Founder, Ecopia, Jon Lipinski. SDTC will provide USD $6.7 for this initiative to support government, civil society, and private sector to enhance the distribution of vaccines, the deployment of renewable energy infrastructure, and the monitoring of the environment. “This initiative will enable a wide range of global sustainability and humanitarian benefits, and demonstrate our commitment to helping businesses scale and compete on the global stage. SDTC is proud to invest in a company like Ecopia, using cutting edge technologies to advance sustainability efforts across the world,” underlined President and CEO, SDTC, Leah Lawrence.