New Code of Conduct for data sharing in European Tourism Industry agreed upon by companies

Twenty organisations from the European travel and tourism sector have agreed to sign a Code of Conduct on data sharing in the industry. The non-binding document aims to help build trust and promote data sharing agreements in the sector. The Code of Conduct sets out guidelines for data sharing agreements, including interoperability, security and liability. The Code’s ultimate goal is to contribute to an EU-wide architecture for non-personal data exchange in the tourism industry and to establish a level playing field where public sector, private sector, and stakeholders have equal opportunities to use and share data in tourism.

Compliance with the Code is voluntary, and the signatories encourage all parties involved in the tourism industry to refer to the agreed principles as the starting point of any data sharing agreement. By committing to the Code of Conduct, signatory stakeholders aim to publicly show their interest in implementing the Transition Pathway at an EU level and their agreement on the opportunities that data management and sharing may provide to the tourism sector.