Net neutrality bill back on track in California

Two weeks ago, a committee in the State Assembly of California, the USA, amended a state-level net neutrality bill in a way that weakened the net neutrality provisions. Since then, Senator Scott Wiener, the bill sponsor, has been negotiating with the Committee Chairman Miguel Santiago and other lawmakers, and today he announces a agreement on a new version that would give California the most robust net neutrality protections in the nation. The proposal includes key provisions from the original text, including basic rules on blocking, throttling, and paid prioritisation. The bill goes one step forward maintaining net neutrality at point of interconnection and prohibiting paid zero-rating arrangements in which Internet access providers charge online services for data cap exemptions. In addition, another bill, sponsored by Senator de Leon, will be amended to ensure that companies entering into state contracts are committed to net neutrality principles. The bills still need approval from both houses of the California Legislature by 31 August and need the signature of Governor Jerry Brown.​