National digital identification documents to be introduced in Brazil

The Brazilian Government announced that several documents used by citizens in the country will be consolidated in one single national digital identification document (DNI). The DNI is expected to be available for everyone in the country from July 2018. Until then, a pilot experience will make the document available to civil servants of courts and ministries. Citizens will download an iOs or Android app, pre-register with their data, and then find a government institution where they will have to validate their data through the biometric database which is already available in the national electoral justice system. From then, it will be available on a smartphone. Security reasons will make DNI available in only one smartphone at a time, and access will be protected by a password. Other security measures such as a watermark close to the picture and dynamic QR codes are being discussed during the pilot experience. It remains to be seen how the government plans to ensure the protection of the personal data of citizens, since the country does not yet have an objective system of protection of personal data in place.