National Cybersecurity Strategy of the United States of America published

The White House published the National Cyber Strategy of the United States of America, the first national cybersecurity strategy in fifteen years. According to the Strategy, the American people, homeland and way of life will be protected by protecting networks, information and critical infrastructure, by combating cybercrime and improving incident responding. American prosperity will be promoted by fostering a vibrant digital economy as well as domestic ingenuity, and developing a superior cybersecurity workforce. Peace will be preserved through strength, by enhancing cyber stability through norms of responsible state behavior and attributing and detecting unacceptable behavior in cyberspace. In that vein, the United States will launch an international Cyber Deterrence Initiative where a coalition of like-minded states will coordinate and support each other’s responses to significant malicious cyber incidents, including through intelligence sharing, buttressing of attribution claims, public statements of support for responsive actions taken, and joint imposition of consequences against malign actors. Lastly, American influence will be expanded by promoting an open, interoperable, reliable and secure internet, and by building international cyber capacity.