Musk’s X to provide news summaries via AI chatbot

The AI-generated summaries will be updated as more information becomes available.

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Elon Musk’s social network, X, is set to introduce a new feature called ‘Stories’, which will provide AI-generated news summaries inside the app. These summaries, powered by the chatbot Grok developed by xAI, will be based on user tweets rather than third-party news articles. While the initial rollout won’t attribute news to specific outlets, Musk has hinted at plans to improve citation practices in the future.

The AI chatbot Grok, which will generate these news summaries, is a product of xAI, an AI startup affiliated with Musk’s ventures. Although X doesn’t directly own Grok, it plays a crucial role in enhancing user experience within the platform. Musk has acknowledged that Grok’s training data includes posts from X, indicating a close integration between the social network and AI technology.

The initiative departs from X’s previous approach with Moments, a similar product that relied on human moderators to curate news summaries. However, Moments was discontinued shortly after Musk assumed control of the company in late 2022. The shift towards AI-generated news summaries reflects Musk’s vision for leveraging technology to enhance the user experience on X and reshape how news is consumed and shared within the platform.