Multiplying the Impact of Mobile Internet Skills Training, a new approach by GSMA

GSMA’s Connected Society programme launched the Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit (MISTT) which provides resources to teach mobile users key internet skills. It further argues that for people to take advantage of the digital economy they need to have the necessary digital skills and not only understand the relevance and benefit to their lives from being online. The MISTT hinges on a survey of a random sample of customers who received the training and in-depth interviews alongside the analysis of MTN Uganda transactional data to assess the impact of the training on mobile internet adoption and use. The research has identified four key findings:

  • Mobile-related digital skills training boosts customers’ data usage
  • For every customer trained, 1.1 additional persons benefited from new mobile internet knowledge and skills
  • Customers are more likely to share knowledge and skills that are relevant to their daily lives, but there are still barriers to effective learning and sharing
  • The feel-good factor can trigger a multiplier effect