MTN and Airtel introduce 4G services in Rwanda

Telecom operators MTN and Airtel have launched their 4G LTE networks in Rwanda, expanding access to faster internet services in the country.

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Rwandan telecom operators MTN and Airtel have recently launched their 4G LTE networks following the amendment of their operating licenses, allowing them to deploy 4G technology independently. This development came after the Rwandan government decided to end exclusivity in the 4G infrastructure market previously held by Korea Telecom Rwanda Networks (KTRN). 

Airtel Rwanda aims to provide affordable and reliable Internet access to a wider population by automatically replacing its 3G network with 4G, offering internet services at a cost significantly lower than the current market price and aiming to achieve 99% coverage across the country.

Airtel Rwanda CEO Emmanuel Hamez stated that Airtel was now in a competitive environment where prices have dropped, with the aim of expanding 4G as a significant measure to address affordability and reliability. The newly launched 4G service settings allow customers to easily transition from 3G to 4G with familiar plans, providing a seamless experience. Similarly, MTN Rwanda has upgraded its network to offer 4G LTE connectivity, ensuring a smooth customer experience and investing in digital solutions for Rwanda’s advancement, according to MTN Rwanda CEO Mapula Bodibe.