Morocco launches program to expand high-speed internet to rural areas

The program expects to connect 1,800 rural areas to the internet, building on an earlier phase that targeted 10,740 areas.

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On Monday, Morocco announced a new program to connect 1,800 rural areas to the internet in the coming months. This initiative is part of the National Plan for the Development of High and Very High-Speed Broadband and builds on the first phase, which targeted 10,740 previously unconnected rural areas.

The program is expected to significantly improve the lives of rural residents by providing access to online public services via 600 government digital platforms, including healthcare appointments and administrative procedures.

Minister of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform Ghita Mezzour, who announced the initiative, noted that it aligns with Morocco’s National Digital Development Strategy 2030, which includes the rollout of 5G technology to support the country’s modernisation efforts. Morocco aims to boost economic growth, enhance public services, and promote digital inclusion through these digital advancements.

Why does it matter?

By 2024, Morocco’s internet penetration rate had climbed to 90.7 percent, up from 88 percent in 2021. With enhanced internet connectivity, the country aims to benefit education, healthcare, and entrepreneurship, offering students access to online learning, enabling remote medical consultations, and allowing local businesses to grow through e-commerce.