Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development publishes ‘A Legal Guide to Privacy and Data Security.’

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation Concept. Computer With a GDPR Icon on the Digital Tablet Screen

A study by Lathrop GPM, published on the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development website, aims to provide guidance on data privacy and security. Michael R. Cohen, the study’s primary author, believes that GDPR, the European Union’s data protection law, has had a ripple effect on US data policies. California’s data privacy law grants consumers significant rights, including the right to have their data deleted and to know what data is being collected. Other states, including Colorado, Virginia, Connecticut and Utah, have similar laws. Minnesota does not yet have comparable legislation, but the Minnesota Consumer Data Privacy Act was introduced in 2019. The study recommends that companies establish a customised program around data privacy and be proactive in dealing with potential breaches.