Minister of Women Affairs of Nigeria and NCWS encouraged the coming government to address the digital gender gap

The Minister of Women Affairs and the NCWS required the newly elected government to eliminate the digital gender gap by encouraging women to embrace digital technology as a tool for economic growth and social inclusion.

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The Minister of Women Affairs of Nigeria, Pauline Talen, and the National Council for Women Societies (NCWS), at an event in Abuja to commemorate Hajiya Lami Law’s one-year existence as National President of NCWS with the theme ‘Digitalising Nigerian Women in the Twenty-First Century,’ requested the new government to close the digital gender gap and appoint more women to various positions.

NCVD has trained over 3,000 women and girls, including persons with disabilities (PWDs), in ICT and provided them with laptops and other support packages. The Minister commended NCVS for its support and commitment to women, as it is clear that the world has become digital and almost everything is dependent on computers somehow.

Dr Asabe Wilita-Bashir, Director General of the National Center for Women Development (NCWD), also emphasised the importance of women using the digital environment, claiming that digitising Nigerian women will help bridge the gender gap and promote women empowerment in all sectors.

Dr Ejike Orji, Special Assistant to the Minister of Health and Hospital Management in the FCT, also participated in the process of encouraging women to embrace digital technology as a means of economic growth and social inclusion, adding that one of the ideas is for women to use artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure the success of the projects they are working on, to better market their goods and services.