Minister of North Macedonia faces sexist online attacks

The first woman to hold the position of the Ministry of Finance in North Macedonia, Nina Angelovska, immediately after her appointment faced numerous ‘sexist and misogynistic insults online’, the media reports. Online attacks came also from the spokesperson of the main opposition party, who later deleted the post on his Facebook. Despite being selected on the basis of her professional experience, the online attacks of a misogynistic language focused on her age and appearances, also alluding to her promiscuity. As a reaction, many women organisations, ministries, and other political parties condemned online attacks and the vocabulary used towards Angelovska. Women from the same opposition party, whose spokesperson launched the attack, posted their support to Angelovska on their Facebook accounts, condemning sexist assaults and hate speech directed to women: ‘I remain at the forefront of women’s rights, the fight for respect for women and their freedom’.