MINCIT and Google collaborate to accelerate digital transformation in Rwanda

Rwanda’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MINICT) and Google revealed a new collaboration to promote digital transformation in the country with a special focus on digital skills, e-commerce, digital maps, and digital payments. Through this cooperation, 500 developers will be trained and a fintech incubation program for fintech startups will be implemented. Additionally, 3,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will be supported to go online and 1,000 workers will be equipped with digital skills. A policy framework will also be developed to contribute to an open digital payment ecosystem via the Mojaloop platform. Google will further help Rwanda improve its digital maps of major urban centers through Google Street View to better showcase the country to the world and improve access to Rwanda’s cultural heritage digitally in collaboration with the national museums. ‘We are optimistic that this agreement will drive digital inclusion and growing the digital economy will continue to drive Rwanda’s economic transformation in line with the country’s vision to become a knowledge-driven economy. We will help build a digital Rwanda by up-skilling the youth, digitally accelerating small businesses, supporting start-ups and developers, improved maps and navigation, digitising Rwanda’s cultural heritage as well as supporting a progressive policy framework,’ said MINICT Minister Paula Ingabire.