Microsoft Xbox releases its first digital transparency report

Microsoft Xbox gaming platform’s first digital transparency report revealed an increase in proactive company enforcement.

According to the first digital transparency report from the Microsoft Xbox gaming platform, in the first half of 2022, the company temporarily suspended accounts that violated its community guidelines 4.78 million times. Microsoft’s proactive enforcement increased almost tenfold, while player reports decreased by 36 percent compared to the same reporting period in 2021. Some 4.33 million of the 4.78 million enforcements concerned account tampering or suspicious accounts use outside of the Xbox platform guidelines. Of that 4.78 million, 199,000 proactive enforcements involved adult sexual content; 87,000 concerned fraud; and 54,000 involved harassment or bullying. Moreover, Xbox proactively took 100 percent of all actions concerning account tampering, piracy, and phishing. Microsoft plans to issue new digital transparency reports every six months, sharing progress updates and continuous reviews of Xbox Community Standards.