Microsoft to invest $3.21 billion in Sweden’s cloud and AI infrastructure

Big tech company’s investment aims to enhance Sweden’s competitiveness in the AI era by equipping its workforce with the necessary tools and skills.

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Microsoft announced on Monday a significant investment of 33.7 billion Swedish crowns ($3.21 billion) to enhance its cloud and AI infrastructure in Sweden over the next two years. This investment marks the company’s largest commitment to Sweden to date and includes plans to train 250,000 individuals in AI skills, aiming to boost the country’s competitiveness in the tech sector. Microsoft Vice Chair and President Brad Smith emphasised that this initiative goes beyond technology, focusing on providing widespread access to essential tools and skills for Sweden’s people and economy.

As part of this investment, Microsoft plans to deploy 20,000 advanced graphics processing units (GPUs) across its data centre sites in Sandviken, Gavle, and Staffanstorp. These GPUs are designed to accelerate computer calculations, enhancing the efficiency and capability of AI applications. Smith was scheduled to meet with Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson in Stockholm to discuss the investment and its implications for the country’s tech landscape.

In addition to bolstering AI infrastructure in Sweden, Microsoft is committed to promoting AI adoption throughout the Nordic region, which includes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Norway. The strategic move underscores Microsoft’s dedication to fostering innovation and equipping the Nordic countries with the necessary resources to thrive in the evolving AI era.