Microsoft President collaborates with European regulators to shape AI regulation debate

President Brad Smith is actively working with European regulators to shape AI regulations. Alongside prominent figures like Elon Musk, they’re advocating for responsible AI development.

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Microsoft’s President, Brad Smith, is actively involved in engaging with European regulators to influence the discussions surrounding AI regulation. He presented a comprehensive five-point plan for governing AI that, according to Smith aligns with the EU’s proposed legislation. This plan encompasses government-led AI safety frameworks, safety precautions for AI systems that control critical infrastructure, and promoting academic access to AI research. As the European Union nears the completion of the AI Act, which holds potential as a global blueprint, Microsoft’s Smith underlined their dedication to providing valuable insights to shape forthcoming AI policies.

Smith also called for collaboration between the EU, the US, G7 nations, India, and Indonesia to establish AI governance based on shared values and principles. Microsoft’s active involvement in shaping AI regulation highlights the company’s dedication to responsible and ethical AI development. Smith, along with notable figures like Elon Musk, has been advocating for the need to regulate AI.

A similar approach has also been seen by OpenAI`s Sam Altman, who has spent the past months touring world capitals and advocating for global AI regulation. However, OpenAI has reportedly lobbied for significant elements of the EU’s AI Act, to be amended in ways that would reduce the regulatory burden on the company.