Microsoft launches AI Business School

11 Mar 2019

Microsoft launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business School to help private sector executives to 'learn more about AI strategy, culture, responsibility and technology'. The initiative consists of free, online courses designed to help business leaders learn more about AI and its integration into the economy. The course materials range from written case studies and guides, to videos and talks mostly focused on issues related to how companies can manage the impact of AI on their strategies, culture, and responsibility.  A non-technical initiative, the AI Business School complements other Microsoft programmes focused on capacity development in the field of AI, such as the AI School for developers and the Professional Program for AI for engineers and others to enhance their skills in AI and data science.

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Capacity development is often defined as the improvement of knowledge, skills and institutions to make effective use of resources and opportunities. Widespread on the agenda of international development agencies, capacity development programs range from societal to individual level and include a diversity of strategies, from fundraising to targeted training.

The Internet has opened new possibilities for education. Many different e-learning, online learning, and distance learning initiatives have been introduced; their main aim is to use the Internet as a medium for the delivery of courses.


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