Microsoft Energy Core launched in the UAE to promote innovation and sustainability in the energy industry 

During a virtual online event, the Microsoft Energy Core was launched in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The global initiative aims to leverage effective coalitions to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and Cloud technology to contribute towards the environmental sustainability of the industry, in line with the company’s global commitment towards climate innovation. Microsoft Energy Core hinges on four pillars:

  • (a) Enabling digital transformation and digital innovation capacities by creating a world-class energy executive briefing and solutions development centre;

  • (b) Building coalitions and seeking strategic collaborations through a vibrant industry board;

  • (c) Closing the skills gap and enhancing employability by aiding the development of skills and facilitating reskilling for digital readiness; and

  • (d) Improving sustainability and societal impact by actively pursuing the development of innovative solutions built on AI.