Microsoft delays AI ‘Recall’ feature amid privacy concerns

The decision follows public fears about potential spying and criticism from figures like Elon Musk.


Microsoft has decided to delay the rollout of its AI-powered ‘Recall’ feature, which tracks and stores computer usage histories, citing privacy concerns. Initially planned for launch with new computers next week, Recall will now undergo a preview phase within its Windows Insider Program (WIP) in the coming weeks rather than being widely available to Copilot+ PC users starting 18 June.

The Recall feature, designed to record everything from web browsing to voice chats for later retrieval, aims to help users remember past activities even months later. Microsoft emphasised that the delay is part of their commitment to ensuring a trusted and secure customer experience, seeking additional feedback before a broader release.

Copilot+ PCs, introduced in May, integrate AI capabilities and were set to include Recall as a key feature. The WIP, which allows enthusiastic users to test upcoming Windows features, will play a crucial role in gathering feedback on Recall before its eventual wider availability.

Privacy concerns surfaced swiftly after Recall’s announcement, with critics suggesting potential misuse for surveillance purposes. Elon Musk likened the feature to a scenario from the dystopian TV series ‘Black Mirror’, reflecting broader anxieties about the implications of pervasive technology on personal privacy and security.