Microsoft Cloud Ecosystem to generate new revenues of US$27 billion in the UAE by 2024

New research by global market intelligence firm, IDC and sponsored by Microsoft, ‘The Microsoft Cloud Dividend Snapshot: United Arab Emirates,’ revealed that new revenues reaching around US$27 billion will be generated in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over the next four years by Microsoft. The UAE economy is expected to surge from the 2020 level with the creation of new jobs and the promotion of investment in local economies, including sustainable solutions which will see a reduction in atmospheric carbon. The research further predicts that Microsoft’s cloud ecosystem, which includes its partners and cloud-using customers, will create 69,000 new jobs to the UAE economy by 2024 with 16,000 created for skilled IT professionals. ‘In 2020, the cloud accelerated our role to become the first responders in the digital world to empower organizations to adapt to challenges. And in 2021 and beyond, the cloud is set to reinvent industries and drive more resilience while building capabilities, bolstering job creation, driving sustainability, and advancing economic growth,’ noted Microsoft UAE General Manage Sayed Hashish.