Metaverse and Roblox are most at risk of gaming-related cyber threats

Gamers of metaverse-like gaming platforms Roblox and Minecraft are most at risk of cyberthreats, according to Kaspersky’s most recent research evaluating the state of gaming risks.

Between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022, Kaspersky detected more than 384,000 users affected by almost 92,000 malicious or unwanted unique files. The research included 28 games or series of games, with Minecraft being the number one game on the list, while Roblox came in third as games with the highest risk of cyberthreat.

The report suggests gamers should be on the lookout for a wide range of threats, from phishing scams to malware downloads masquerading as updates or bonus features. Furthermore, it examined some of the most prevalent malware families and provided them with details.