Meta to introduce new overview for users of its platforms, Germany’s competition agency claims

Meta plans to implement a new overview for Facebook and Instagram users in response to anti-trust concerns in Germany. The feature allows users to decide whether to combine or use their accounts separately, addressing transparency and competition issues.


According to Germany’s competition regulatory agency, Meta is planning to introduce a new overview for its platforms, Facebook and Instagram, users in a step towards allying anti-trust concerns. The new feature will allow users to decide whether to use their Instagram and Facebook accounts in combination or separately. In 2019 Germany’s competition regulatory agency banned the then Meta’s feature of combining user data from several sources without users’ consent. This case was then taken before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), which is expected to deliver a decision in July. According to Meta, the new feature revises its previous overview, which the German competition agency characterized as being seriously deficient and not informing its consumers neutrally and transparently. Meta said it had updated its overview to enhance transparency and will continue working constructively with the authority. Germany is closely watching Meta as it plays a significant role for competition across markers.