Meta removes millions of pieces of harmful content in India

The company received 18,512 reports on Facebook and 12,709 reports on Instagram through the Indian grievance mechanism.

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Meta released its monthly report, revealing that it removed over 13.8 million pieces of harmful content from Facebook and over 4.8 million pieces from Instagram in India during February. The actions were taken across multiple policies to maintain community standards and safeguard user experience.

The report highlighted Meta’s response to user reports, with Facebook receiving 18,512 reports through the Indian grievance mechanism in February. Meta provided users with tools to resolve issues in approximately half of the cases, demonstrating its commitment to addressing user concerns promptly.
The company emphasised its compliance with India’s IT Rules 2021, which require digital platforms with over 5 million users to publish monthly compliance reports. These reports detail the number of content pieces acted upon, including removals or warnings, in line with platform standards.

Why does it matter?

In January, Meta’s content moderation efforts resulted in the removal of over 17.8 million pieces of content from Facebook and over 4.8 million pieces from Instagram, underscoring the ongoing challenge of maintaining a safe and healthy online environment amidst evolving user behaviours and content trends.