Meta removes China-based propaganda operation targeting U.S. elections.

Meta Platforms has removed a China-based propaganda operation aimed at U.S. elections. The operation utilized fake accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but was small with limited impact. This incident is noteworthy as it signals a change in Chinese interference tactics towards U.S. politics. The company lacks concrete evidence on the specific individuals responsible for the operation.

Meta Platforms said on Tuesday it suspended the first known China-based influence operation focused on targeting users in the United States ahead of the midterm elections in November. According to a report drafted by the company, the operation consisted of fake accounts across Facebook and Instagram, as well as Twitter, but was small and did not attract much of a following. Nevertheless, the report highlighted that the discovery was significant because it suggested a shift toward more direct interference in U.S. domestic politics compared with previous known Chinese propaganda efforts. The company stated that they do not have enough evidence to determine who in China was behind the operation.