Meta releases its first human rights report

Meta has released its first human rights report detailing their approach to addressing human rights issues in their products, policies, and business practices. The report covers 2020 and 2021, revealing new areas of focus like COVID-19 and Ray-Ban stories, updated policies, and efforts to enhance teen safety. The report emphasizes due diligence in ensuring human rights considerations are integrated into Meta’s operations, including in their Data Policy and responses to government surveillance.

According to a news report, Meta has released its first annual human rights report, which provides details of how they address issues bordering on human rights stemming from their products, policies or business practices. This first annual report covers the years 2020 and 2021. The report details Meta’s overall approach in managing human rights risks. The report highlights new areas that had not been previously disclosed by Meta, such as the due diligence they performed regarding COVID-19 and the Ray-Ban stories. The report also provides details of Meta’s updated policies and how it was done with the idea of ensuring that human rights considerations were duly factored in. The report further explains Meta’s Data Policy and how their Law Enforcement Response Team perform due diligence assessment to ensure people are protected from unlawful government surveillance. Finally, the report discusses Meta’s work to increase teen safety across all its products.