Meta platforms face a probe by EU for disinformation handling

As countries gear up for crucial elections in 2024, concerns over disinformation loom, prompting the EU regulators to scrutinise Meta Platforms’ response to the issue.

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The EU regulators are gearing up to launch an investigation into Meta Platforms amid concerns regarding the company’s efforts to combat disinformation, mainly from Russia and other nations. According to a report by the Financial Times, the EU regulators are alarmed by Meta’s purported inadequacy in curbing the spread of political advertisements that could undermine the integrity of electoral processes. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the report suggests that Meta’s content moderation measures might need to address this issue more effectively.

While the investigation is expected to be initiated imminently, the European Commission is anticipated to refrain from explicitly targeting Russia in its official statement. Instead, the focus will be on the broader problem of foreign actors manipulating information. Meta Platforms and the European Commission have yet to respond to requests for comment, indicating the gravity and sensitivity of the impending probe.ž

Why does it matter?

The timing of the investigation coincides with a significant year for elections across the globe, with numerous countries, including UK, Austria, and Georgia, preparing to elect new leaders. Additionally, the European Parliament elections are slated for June, heightening the urgency for regulatory scrutiny over platforms like Meta. This development underscores the growing concern among regulators regarding the influence of disinformation on democratic processes, prompting concerted efforts to address these challenges effectively.