Meta faces EU complaints over AI data use

Advocacy group NOYB has called on privacy watchdogs to intervene, citing potential breaches of the EU privacy rules.

Meta, EU

Meta Platforms is facing 11 complaints over proposed changes to its privacy policy that could violate EU privacy regulations. The changes, set to take effect on 26 June, would allow Meta to use personal data, including posts and private images, to train its AI models without user consent. Advocacy group NOYB has urged privacy watchdogs to take immediate action against these changes, arguing that they breach the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Meta claims it has a legitimate interest in using users’ data to develop its AI models, which can be shared with third parties. However, NOYB founder Max Schrems contends that the European Court of Justice has previously ruled against Meta’s arguments for similar data use in advertising, suggesting that the company is ignoring these legal precedents. Schrems criticises Meta’s approach, stating that the company should obtain explicit user consent rather than complicating the opt-out process.

In response to the impending policy changes, NOYB has called on data protection authorities across multiple European countries, including Austria, Germany, and France, to initiate an urgent procedure to address the situation. If found in violation of GDPR, Meta could face strict fines.