Meta faces backlash from photographers over mislabeling real photos

The company initially introduced the labels for transparency ahead of the election season, relying on metadata from AI tools to identify such images.

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Meta faced criticism from photographers after its ‘Made by AI’ label was incorrectly applied to genuine photos. Notably, a photo taken by former White House photographer Pete Souza and an Instagram photo of the Kolkata Knight Riders’ IPL victory were wrongly marked as AI-generated. Photographers have reported that even minor edits using tools like Adobe’s Generative Fill can trigger Meta’s algorithm to label images as AI-generated.

Pete Souza and others have expressed frustration at being unable to remove these labels, suspecting that specific editing processes may be causing the issue. Meta’s labelling approach is also affecting photos with minimal AI modifications, leading to concerns about the accuracy and fairness of such labels. Photographer Noah Kalina argued that if minor retouching counts as AI-generated, the term loses its meaning and authenticity.

In response, Meta stated it is reviewing feedback to ensure its labels accurately reflect the amount of AI used in images. The company relies on industry-standard indicators and collaborates with other companies to refine its process. Meta’s labelling initiative, introduced to combat misinformation ahead of election season, involves tagging AI-generated content from major tech firms. However, the exact triggers for the “Made with AI” label remain undisclosed.