Meta enhances measures in preparation for Indigenous voice referendum in Australia

The company has unveiled measures to tackle concerns regarding misinformation, abuse, and mental health.

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Facebook and Instagram are aiming to play a positive role in the upcoming Indigenous voice referendum in Australia, according to the companies’ Australian policy head. The parent company, Meta, has announced several measures to address concerns regarding misinformation, abuse, and mental health. These include increased funding for fact-checkers, the activation of global teams to address potential threats like coordinated inauthentic behaviour, a partnership with ReachOut for mental health support, and the continuation of transparency tools such as the ad library. 

Meta also collaborates with the government’s election integrity assurance task force and security agencies. The company has improved its AI to better detect and block fake accounts. Additionally, Meta seeks input from advisory groups and experts to respond effectively to abuse and hate speech. 

The aim is to promote healthy debate while ensuring the protection of vulnerable groups during the referendum. The company is also launching media literacy programs, running training sessions, and implementing safety measures to ensure responsible and informed use of its platforms.