Meta develops AI technology tailored specifically for Europe

The company is focusing on building AI technology specifically for Europe, ensuring it respects user privacy by using only publicly shared content from its platforms.

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Meta Platforms, the owner of Facebook, announced it is developing AI technology tailored specifically for Europe, taking into account the region’s linguistic, geographic, and cultural nuances. The company will train its large language models using publicly shared content from its platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, ensuring that private posts are excluded to maintain user privacy.

Last month, Meta revealed plans to inform Facebook and Instagram users in Europe and the UK about how their public information is utilised to enhance and develop AI technologies. The move aims to increase transparency and reassure users about data privacy.

By focusing on localised AI development, Meta hopes to serve the European market better, reflecting the region’s diverse characteristics in its technology offerings. That effort underscores Meta’s commitment to respecting user privacy while advancing its AI capabilities.