Mastercard and Billetera partner to drive digital financial inclusion in Democratic Republic of Congo

Mastercard and Billetera, a leading digital payments technology company headquartered in Kenya, unveiled a new partnership to promote digital financial inclusion in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by providing diverse digital payment solutions to unbanked and financially excluded residents. Through this partnership, the companies will further offer payment solutions to foster acceptance of government services such as electricity and water bills, taxes (i.e. wet market permits), housing rents and building permits, e-visas, and customs payments in the ports. ‘The launch of our partnership is in spirit with the current government’s political goodwill, keen on increasing financial inclusion to a double-digit by 2023. As a FinTech, we shall synergize our software development capabilities with Mastercard’s latest technologies towards the digitization of the DRC government payments; a major case for the cash economy disruption,’ highlighted Billetera RDC chief executive officer Jevis Omondi Okoth.