Many US news sites unavailable due to GDPR non-compliance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in June after two years of preparation. Yet more than two months later,  hundreds of US news websites are still unavailable in Europe because the sites do not comply with regulations, preferring to block EU access rather than adapt. Sarah Toporoff of the Global Editors Network in Paris, said US newsrooms ‘are a benchmark for digital innovation – and it’s important that their content be available in Europe’. She stated that ‘It is naive and wholly irresponsible to think that US news holds no relevance beyond US borders… US brands should be better at knowledge sharing with their European counterparts and learn how to serve audiences within the GDPR’s parameters. Not to do so is quite undemocratic’.

         Various messages explaining website content is currently unavailable due to GDPR restrictions in the EUunavailable Gdpr in USA 0​